Sea To Summit XSeal & Go Bowl XLarge

Check out the Sea To Summit XSeal & Go Bowl XLarge here:

With the X Seal and Go range from Sea to Summit, you no longer have to hesitate before tossing a container of leftover spag bol into your work bag, as these containers are collapsible, easy to clean, and airtight to prevent spillage.

Constructed from food-grade and heat-resistant silicone, these containers are also easy to clean with quick close lids that are airtight – so there won’t be any spillage here! You can reheat your food in the bowl as they’re microwave safe, and when you’re done – you can wash them in the dishwasher with no dramas. This container has handy measurement markers on the side, which makes meal prep that much easier.

For a convenient, and easy to use food storage unit that’ll translate from the weekend to your desk – the X-Seal and Go Bowl from Sea to Summit are ideal.

0:00 – Intro
0:10 – Height, weight & capacity
0:17 – Lid

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