Drysure Active & Extreme Shoe Drying System Review

Drysure claims that the system can absorb up to 10 days of sweat and moisture before needing to be re-activated in direct sunlight – or even better in the oven for a few hours. While I’ve been fortunate enough to never need 10 straight days of drying, I can attest that they’ve worked perfectly each night during a week on the road or in a tent. While the company calls out that they work in as little as 4 hours, my routine has been to place the Drysure units inside my shoes or boots before I go to bed – and ready to go again in the morning.

Something that’s definitely worth pointing out, is the effect that high heat has on leather footwear. Electric shoe dryers often produce heat as part of the drying process – which can lead to damage of the shoes themselves. Because this isn’t the case with Drysure, I feel confident that my shoes will be in the same condition as I left them – even after multiple uses over time. To top things off, Drysure doesn’t just dry shoes and boots – but actually stands in defense to prevent bacteria and fungus from growing inside the footwear…and that makes my feet happy.

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