Top 5 Ways to Beat Rising Food Costs



Top 5 Ways to Beat Rising Food Costs

Inflation is on the rise in every aspect of our lives, including food.

Inflation has always been around, but it’s rising at a rapid pace in which hardly any of us can keep up with. It may seem hopeless to walk the grocery store and see your favorite foods out of reach because of price, especially fresh foods like meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.

But don’t fret…

Here are 5 ways to beat rising food costs!

Hunting and Fishing

Well, we are on a page that values hunting and fishing skills! So it’s no surprise this is the first item. People have used hunting and fishing as supplements and their main source of food for centuries. We haven’t turned our back to it, but it has become more a niche these days. These are skills, though, and ones that need to be learned and practiced regularly. Small game, large game, trapping, fishing of all kinds; get out and do it! You don’t have to spend a ton of money on gear, just get started and learn as you go! If you have friends who are hunters or anglers, give them a call and ask for some tips, while taking a look at our site, too!


Producing your own fresh produce right in your own backyard, or even inside of your home, is extremely satisfying. You can garden in so many including grow lights indoors, greenhouse, containers and yes, even in ground if you’re able to. Get some dirt, throw some seeds in, water them and watch the magic happen!


Foraging for wild edibles are a great way to supplement your everyday foods. I went foraging for prickly pear the other day and made jam. I foraged for mesquite beans the other day and can make flour. There’s wild lettuce and edible flowers, nuts and so much more! It is amazing what can be found when you start learning how to forage for wild edibles.

Local Farms & Community

Look to local farmers in your area either for things you can’t produce or just to find a local source of meat, dairy and produce. You could even look into joining a local CSA. I was part of a CSA once and absolutely loved the abundance of food we were getting each month. Can’t have your own garden? Look for a community garden! I was stunned to find so many in my area after doing a simple internet search. If there isn’t one in your area, maybe contact your local church or school to see if you can get one setup.

Keep Prepping

Even though food has increased in price, this is still a great time to just keep prepping food for the future. Buy canned food, buy frozen food and dehydrate or can it, can or dehydrate fresh produce, stock up on staple non-perishable staple foods like rice, beans and whatever else your household enjoys eating. Check sales, coupons, various places for different prices, and don’t forget to try to buy in bulk whenever you can.

Do whatever you can to keep prepping and continue to learn and put into practice the skills talked about here. We will adapt and overcome. You got this!

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