8 Adventure Motorcycling Hacks for Long-Distance Riders


This humorous video gives eight time-saving, inexpensive hacks for making long — or short — adventure motorcycling trips more pleasant.

Even if you think you know it all already, there are probably one or two sweet nuggets in here you’ve never thought of. When it comes to adventure motorcycling trips, anything you can do to ensure a safe, comfortable ride is a bonus.

Mathew Sturtevant, moto rider, author of “The Topography of Fear,” and GearJunkie contributor comes to you with these clever hacks for how to do that.

For example, how often do you put your helmet on top of your luggage, and then watch in horror as it slides off and hits the deck? Mathew has a smart, cheap solution for avoiding that embarrassment.

Ever wish you could check your tire pressure while still sitting on your bike? How about a way to keep your tent in place if you’re camping on sand, or forgot your stakes? Looking for a way to keep much cooler on those hot days?

Learn all this and plenty more with these practical adventure motorcycling hacks.

Runtime: 9 minutes, 20 seconds

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