Gain the Ultimate Advantage with the ATN THOR 4 Thermal Scope



Gain the Ultimate Advantage with the ATN THOR 4 Thermal Scope

Today, we’re going to take a look at the ATN THOR 4 Thermal rifle scope.


Hunting is a pursuit that can at times be challenging and often down right difficult. Animals spend their entire lives avoiding predators and dangers that could end their time on earth prematurely. With their senses primed to be on high alert 24/7, game animals will often outsmart and evade even the most seasoned hunters.

So, what can the average hunter do to level the playing field? Beyond putting in time in the field to craft your skills and decode the mysteries of the hunt, your gear will play a crucial role in your success. Hunters both young and old are constantly looking for that new piece of gear that will take them from average to extraordinary. One such piece of gear for those who choose to pursue predators of the nocturnal realm is a quality thermal scope.

One such scope that I have become uniquely familiar with is the ATN THOR 4 Thermal rifle scope. We’ve been extremely fortunate to partner with ATN over the years to hunt and test their gear all over the country. From Michigan to Texas and many spots in between, we’ve put their gear to the test and had some amazing results and fun along the way.

Our go to scope is the ATN THOR 4 Thermal rifle scope. The THOR 4 is an incredibly versatile piece of hardware that delivers great results in the areas that matter most. For me, the ability to record high quality video is an absolute must and the THOR 4 delivers in a big way. With the capability of recording 60fps high quality video, I can not only record video for my own personal playback but use it to make some great videos that are streamed through our OTT app.

Not only does the ATN THOR 4 Thermal rifle scope perform incredibly well on it’s own, it can be paired with your phone and either other ATN products to deliver some really cool results. My personal favorite is the THOR 4s ability to be paired with the ATN Obsidian app to deliver real time streaming capabilities. I have used this feature to let others view down my scope in real time which is incredibly useful when hunting with guides who don’t have a thermal device.

Let’s take a look at the THOR 4’s features and some of the other great accessories you can buy to amp up your hunt!




THOR 4 in the Field

The ATN Thor 4 Rifle Scope is a powerhouse thermal device packed in to an easily mountable rifle scope body. The scope comes in 8 configurations ranging in price from $1,799 up to $4,199. Each model offers a different combination of digital zoom capability and processing power. With such a wide range in price, you are sure to find something to fit your budget.

Some of the key features of the ATN THOR 4 are:

  • Sensor: 4th Gen 384X288 or 4th Gen 640X480
  • 4th Gen 384X288 Lens Options: 1.25 -5X, 2-8X, 4.5-18X, 7-28X
  • 4th Gen 640X480 Lens Options: 1-10X, 1.5-15X, 2.5-25X, 4-40
  • Video Record Resolution: 1280×960 @ 60 fps
  • WiFi (Streaming, Gallery, & Controls): iOS & Android
  • Additional Features: Bluetooth, 3D Gyroscope, 3D Accelerometer, E-Barometer, Smart Range Finder, RAV (Recoil Activated Video), Electronic Compass, Smooth Zoom, Microphone, Micro USB compatible (Type C), Ballistic Calculator

The ATN THOR 4 is an incredible piece of hardware for your night hunting and is worth a look and the investment in your hunting success!

Pros/16+ hour battery life, live streaming, video recording, digital zoom, high end processor, multiple color modes, easy to use.


Bottom Line/The ATN THOR 4 is one of the best products on the market to take your night hunting to new levels.

2. ATN Power Weapon Kit


ATN Power Weapon Kit

ATN Power Weapon Kit

While the ATN THOR 4 offers incredible battery performance, you may decide to take things up a notch. The ATN Power Weapon Kit will allow you to add some serious battery range at an affordable price of $99. With the additional 22 hours of continuous use the battery kits brings to the table, you’ll be able to stay in the field for days without needing a recharge!

Pros/Affordable, enhances the ATN THOR 4 battery life, compatible across all THOR 4 scopes

Cons/Only available in the 20,000 mAH configuration

Bottom Line/Batteries inevitably run out, so give yourself the edge with the ATN Power Weapon Kit





The tactical remote access control system or X-TRAC for short as an incredibly useful companion device for your ATN THOR 4 thermal rifle scope. Once connecting your X-TRAC device to your scope via bluetooth, you unlock a number of control features that can now be accessed directly from the remote.

The ATN X-TRAC gives you the unique ability to control zoom, video recording and photo capturing, and many menu operations directly from the remote. This becomes incredibly useful for hunters who like to stay on the gun and dialed in when hunting without a tripod or bipod.

Pros/Increase ease of use for the THOR 4, access to many of the core menu operations, easily mounted

Cons/Not available in camo patterns

Bottom Line/If you are going the distance with the THOR 4, take the extra step towards success

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