Winter Climb Link-Up as a Form of Grief Recovery


You can process a lot by suffering through outdoor sports objectives. Arc’teryx’s new documentary explores the limits of that approach.

When alpine guide Sarah Hueniken went out with a group of close friends for what “felt like a perfect day of ice climbing,” she could never have imagined what happened next would test her bond to the sport.

She lost a close friend to an avalanche that day, and the aftershock rippled through the bedrock of Hueniken and her cohort’s lives.

“We all live in these mountains because this is where we get life from. And when it takes life from us, how do you keep living in it?” she asks.

At the risk of spoilers, the answer appears to be that you just do. Watch this story of grief and recovery play out in “Not Alone” — through friendship, swinging, and kicking.

Runtime: 44 minutes

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