Camping Food Vlog (3 Easy Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Ideas for Beginners While Camping)

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Calling all New York City locals!! If you know restaurants in NYC that serve some amazing food please drop me a comment and let me know! I’m sure I will be visiting again soon!

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OMG YOU GUYS! Welcome back!! We went camping LOL No seriously haven been camping since I was a young child and I thought I knew how to camp but boy was I wrong. My memory of camping was completely different from the reality. It was still a blast, but also tougher than I expected. maybe I’ve just gotten accustom to the city life? HA. No seriously though, I was ready for a hot shower the second we stepped foot on our site. BUT there was a side of me who felt adventurous and outdoorsy. I was vibing. But one night was long enough for me. I’ll most definitely be back. I hope you all enjoyed this video and the food I made! It wasn’t all that spectacular but sure was tasty. I don’t know why but I have been LOVING a simple cream cheese bagel lately. I think New York put me on. I found his place near me that has NY style bagels and I might check it out soon with you guys. It’s been calling my name!! Have a lovely beautiful night beautiful people and comment down below: What’s your favorite food and WHY?

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